Mr. Rakesh Mathur

Mr. Rakesh Mathur has over 30 years of experience of working with Private Sector and with Government of India. He is a renowned multi-tasking expert of proven ability in various fields having worked for Group of companies, PSU’s under Ministry of Petroleum, Government of India.

Academically very bright, he has done Masters in Social works with First Division and First Position from the reputed University of Lucknow, Lucknow.

During his wide and long career, Mr. Rakesh Mathur served in the Indian Embassy in Moscow in the capacity equivalent of the 1st Secretary. He was responsible for developing Indian business interests and trade for Indian Products and Services in the CIS countries. During his tenure in Russia he single handedly increased Indian exports many folds. From exporting Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Rice Marine containers, castor Oil, Chemicals to creating Joint Ventures with large Russian and Indian companies, he was initiator and executer of multi-million dollar Joint ventures between CIS companies and Indian companies. He has the distinction of being the liaison officer to the Principal secretary to the Prime Minister during the visit of the prime Minister of India to Russian Federation.

Mr Mathur is also actively promoting the Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture, an Apex body of Agriculture in India. All major commodities exporters are associated members of ICFA.

Mr Mathur is supported by Mr Alok Sinha , IAS, former Chairman of Food Corporation Of India (the worlds largest food trading company, purchasing an average of more than 60 (sixty) million tonnes of wheat, paddy, rice etc directly from Indian farmers. Consequently, Mr Sinha has tremendous expertise in buying, transporting, stocking, and selling more than sixty million tonnes of foodgrains in one year alone. Mr Sinha has also been Chairman and Director of the leading National Multi-Commodities Exchange of India Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Mathur and his associates have been associated with large public sector undertakings. He has officially represented Petroleum India International a consortium of all Mega Indian Oil and Gas companies such as ONGC, BPCL, IOC, Engineers India Ltd etc in GCC ,Africa and CIS He has deep rooted contacts in Government of India and Private Sector giants. Subject to the right product and services meeting specifications & conditions for any particular requirement, these contacts can be decisively helpful. Similarly, over the years he has built a very strong relationship with decision makers in Middle East and Africa, CIS and elsewhere in the world. Mr Mathur’s advices / Consultancy Servces are sought by giants of Middle East , Africa as well as of India . Rakesh Mathur has been selective in deciding partnerships and has been very cautious is selection of both the clients as well as associates. He has exclusively marketed a few US and European companies in India such as Duval Messien of France and Innovida of USA. Rakesh Mathur has also assisted Du Pont in India besides many other International companies. Mr Mathur is closely associated with European giants in providing Solutions and Services to Government of India's mega companies . African conglomerates from Zambia to Nigeria etc entirely depend on his services .He has been advisor to many large Corporations and Individuals.

With associates across the world, the FALCON INTERNATIONAL group is involved with mega investments , projects of national level, intra governmental and semi Government and private sector projects.

As for Mr Arvind Varma, he has held very senior positions in the Govt of India, in the Ministries of Petroleum, of Coal, of Mining, etc as Secretary to Govt of India. Mr Varma has hence influenced and guided crucial infrastructure and natural resources management in India. And has for last two decades inspired FALCON INTERNATIONAL in their multi-continental efforts.

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